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Take what you can get and see where it goes...

- Unspoken Plan of Many

That's the strategy most people seem to follow when it comes to their careers. Most generic career advice either doesn't apply well to the technology industry or puts you in the slow lane to reach your goals after 10-15 years, if you can follow through for that long.


Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.

- Peter F. Drucker

Do you find yourself continuously making the same goals and attaching new dates to them? We often set goals and slowly lose our commitment over time. When we eventually get burst of motivation and bring the goals out again and attach new dates.

Does this look familiar?

Planned Goals
Achieved Goals
A Career Framework for IT Professionals

I have been condensing what I have learned during my own career and understanding what top performers and top earners in the IT industry have done to manage their careers. I have started sharing these strategies and tactics with a few people who are seeing excellent results and now I want to expand that group.

For a limited time I am offering one-on-one sessions to discuss your career, goals and challenges and give you an introduction to the framework that has let me reach my own career goals.

In addition to this initial session, for those looking to bring their career to the next level, you will be part of a small group which will get ongoing direct coaching by Skype, email as well as get free early access to other premium course material I am working on before it gets released.

I am offering this for free (for a small group) and the only request from you is to participate. By being a part of this group you are choosing to accelerate your own career and have access to me and the other group members to support you.


IT Career Planning

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