There are times when a virtual machines integration services installation may not be the latest version. The most likely scenario is likely that the VM was initially created on a different or older version of Hyper-V or the Hyper-V host was upgraded to a version which contains an updated integration services.

This is an easy way to confirm the version of Hyper-V integration services on your virtual machine is the latest version, or the latest version the host supports.

On the host server, browse to C:\windows\systm32\vmms.exe > open the proprieties of the file and go to the ‘details’ tab.

Make note of the ‘File Version’ attribute.

We can now open our virtual machine and confirm the version installed there. An easy way to do this is through Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features depending on your virtual machine OS.

In our case we can verify our virtual machines integration services is at the latest version for this host