It seems SharePoint 2007 does not support the WYSIWYG editor in Google Chrome which is my primary web browser.. I don’t feel in the mood to create all my SharePoint pages in HTML so I decided to try Internet Explorer Instead.

I recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 10 on my Windows 7 laptop and have been trying to use it as much as possible. Surprisingly,  I could not even edit the page at all. The text boxes are slightly greyed out and are not editable.

It turns out that using compatibility mode on Internet Explorer 10 fixes this issue. After enabling compatibility mode for the SharePoint 2007 domain I was able to edit pages properly with the WYSIWYG editor in IE10.

Why did IE10 have this issue in the first place? The first reason is prior to IE10, Internet Explorer would respect a metadata property to use compatibility mode that was defined on the page. Also, for reasons internal to the infrastructure my SharePoint site was running on, compatibility mode was disabled by default on intranet sites.

Cory Peters goes into some more detail in his blog post Problems with Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) and SharePoint. He cites the issue using Office 365 but the same applies to internal SharePoint sites if like me, you have compatibility mode off by default on your domain.