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Samsung NP530 Ultrabook Won’t Boot from USB

While trying to reformat a Samsung NP530  Ultrabook I found that it would not boot from any USB devices despite changing the boot order and using F10 to enter the boot device selection menu. The issue turned out to be that "Fast BIOS Mode" was set to enabled which by design bypasses detection of USB devices to speed up the boot process  This means not only will it not boot from USB automatically but it won't even show up in the manual boot selection menu. Changing Fast BIOS Mode to disabled allowed me to select USB devices from the boot menu and to be used properly depending on the boot order.

Samsung Laptop BIOS

Disable "Fast BIOS Mode" to boot from USB devices

Here is a summary of Fast BIOS mode from Samsung

- Fast BIOS Mode is technology to reduce the boot up time by skipping 
the USB check in the POST stage.

 * DOS mode booting is not supported. (Basic ODD, USB memory 
devices, etc.)
 - The factory default setting is [Disable]. When the purchase date is 
registered, the setting is automatically changed to [Enable]. Once the 
setting is changed to [Enable], the default setting in the CMOS is 
changed to [Enable].
Neil Bryan
IT Consultant & Technical Trainer
Neil Bryan is an IT consultant and technical trainer specializing in VMware, Citrix and Microsoft virtualization and infrastructure.


  1. mehmet soylu

    thank you , It worked.

    1. Neil Bryan

      Your welcome, I’m glad you you were able to find it useful.

  2. Pai Neto

    Hello Byran,
    Am having a very big problem with my Samsung ultrabook 5 series. All over a sudden it stopped booting normally. it started switching itself on and off without booting on any thing. Then I discovered the best way was to first strike f4 which worked for a short time. It now brings up a .Net Framework error incase i try to use f4. for attempting recovery.
    There is no item on the boot is completely empty. please help
    Thank you

    1. Neil Bryan

      Hi Pai,

      It sounds like you might have an issue with your operating system installation. Whenever I encounter a problem where the cause is not obivous, such as this case I would go through some standard procedures. Here is a simple process from I high level.

      1) Ensure your data is backed up.
      If you don’t already have a backup of your data I suggest that be your first priority. If possible boot into a live linux cd such as Ubuntu and copy your files to an external drive or another computer.

      2) Check your hardware
      You can use a CD like to check your hardware. Specifically check your hard drive and memory for problems.

      3) Check your operating system installation/configuration
      If step 1 and two are complete you can now address your software issue. The fix will depend on the issue which is not obvious to me from your description. You may want to try a startup repair if you are running Windows 7.

      Good luck.

  3. Erik


  4. Tim


  5. anever

    hi neil pls i need your help. i have samsung ultrabook series 5 NP530u4cl, i’t cant recover because of the hdd is damage, so tried to buy a toshiba hdd and original windows 8 os but i failed to reformat because there is no boot option selection. thanks

  6. bahadır


    my problem is about samsung np530u3c. When I format the computer, the system starts up and works. however, when I turn the computer off and on again, the computer does not turn on and restarts continuously. I did the BIOS update, UEFI shut down, etc. but in no way solved my problem. can you help with this topic?

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