What do you do when you go to a restaurant to have food expertly cooked and served and realize that something from the experience is lacking?

How can things go wrong? Here are some common examples.

  • The ingredients may be incorrect or of low quality.
  • The recipe may not have been well thought out.
  • The execution of the dish may have been botched.
  • The server may have managed to ruin the experience despite the best efforts of the chef.
  • You acknowledge the food is fine, you just realize it wasn’t the right choice for you.

What causes these issues? How could we fix or better yet prevent them?

Research the best ingredients. Test the recipe. Taste the meals as they are prepared. More training for the chefs. Better coordination with the chefs and the servers. Better communication between the server and the patron. Increased speed of communication between all three to ensure problems are caught early and resolved quickly.

Interesting how delivering a well received meal is the same as an IT project.