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Windows and Internet Explorer Versions

IE 11 IconA reference to remember which version of IE a Windows Operating System launched with as well as the latest supported IE version. You can use this to ensure all of your workstations and servers are on the most reliable and secure version possible.

Windows Version
IE Version at Launch
Latest IE Supported
Windows Server 2003/XP
Internet Explorer 6
Internet Explorer 8
Windows Server 2008/Vista
Internet Explorer 7
Internet Explorer 9
Windows Server 2008 R2/7
Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 11
Windows Server 2012/8
Internet Explorer 10
Internet Explorer 11
Windows Server 2012 R2/8.1
Internet Explorer 11
Internet Explorer 11

Interesting to note that IE9 was not attached to any specific operating system release.

Neil Bryan
IT Consultant & Technical Trainer
Neil Bryan is an IT consultant and technical trainer specializing in VMware, Citrix and Microsoft virtualization and infrastructure.

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